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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Have a Terrifying Christmas!!


Here are some pics of something rather creepy and quite terrifying!!
This was created by my very talented and slightly twisted husband, Steve! (I'm joking the about 'twisted' part!...well...)

This awesomely scary creature likes to pose as Santa Claus, it pulls back it's Santa disguise to reveal a hideous face with an awful lot of razor sharp teeth. This Santa also has a helper but he's anything but pleasant!
Instead of giving gifts to people, this monster prefers to eat them instead!!
Now have you been naughty or nice??.....

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas miniatures!

I hope everyone is keeping well :)
I'm gearing up very nicely for Christmas now and pleased to say that I've almost completed my Christmas shopping :)))
I've added a few more Christmas miniatures to this years collection, some festively styled cakes and another white chocolate snowman but this time he's surrounded by lots of wrapped candy!
Kerry xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

It's Christmas!!


I hope everyone is keeping warm from the cold weather, Brrrr!
I've been working on some Christmas miniatures and wanted to post some photos for you :))

I've gone with a couple of new ideas this year and made some chocolate sleighs filled to the brim with truffles and more chocolate! I've also made a cute little white chocolate snowman surrounded by chocolate presents and truffles and a new style of lollipop display with sweet little festive characters on the front.

I'm currently working on some Christmas celebration cakes and will post those this week too ;)

These Christmas items will be on sale on Etsy from tonight.

I hope you like them!
Warm Hugs!

Kerry xxxx