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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Latest wedding toppers

These are 2 of my latest topper orders, the bride standing on a wedding present to kiss the groom on the cheek has proved to be a popular pose!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sweet cakes and Teapots!

Here are some sweet treats I've been cooking up ;)

Sweet cakes and Teapots!

Some of the latest pieces I've been working on. I thought I'd have a little go at making some tiny teapots which are my first, a handbag teapot, 2 cupcake teapots, one with legs! and a Russian doll teapot with four little sisters! ;)

Hello & Welcome!

Hello and welcome!
This is my first ever posting on my new blog , yikes!! It's actually taken me about 2 years to get to this point of setting up my own blog. I've made all kinds of excuses as to why I wasn't able to do it at the time but now and finally I've done it and I feel a great sense of achievement...ok now I have to go about getting that website set up!

Anyway, a sweet thank you to those people who encouraged me to do this (you know who you are!)

I hope that all who visit will hopefully stay and follow and I will endeavor to keep posting new projects and the odd ramble thrown in for good measure!
Best wishes
Kerry x