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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Have a Terrifying Christmas!!


Here are some pics of something rather creepy and quite terrifying!!
This was created by my very talented and slightly twisted husband, Steve! (I'm joking the about 'twisted' part!...well...)

This awesomely scary creature likes to pose as Santa Claus, it pulls back it's Santa disguise to reveal a hideous face with an awful lot of razor sharp teeth. This Santa also has a helper but he's anything but pleasant!
Instead of giving gifts to people, this monster prefers to eat them instead!!
Now have you been naughty or nice??.....

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas miniatures!

I hope everyone is keeping well :)
I'm gearing up very nicely for Christmas now and pleased to say that I've almost completed my Christmas shopping :)))
I've added a few more Christmas miniatures to this years collection, some festively styled cakes and another white chocolate snowman but this time he's surrounded by lots of wrapped candy!
Kerry xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

It's Christmas!!


I hope everyone is keeping warm from the cold weather, Brrrr!
I've been working on some Christmas miniatures and wanted to post some photos for you :))

I've gone with a couple of new ideas this year and made some chocolate sleighs filled to the brim with truffles and more chocolate! I've also made a cute little white chocolate snowman surrounded by chocolate presents and truffles and a new style of lollipop display with sweet little festive characters on the front.

I'm currently working on some Christmas celebration cakes and will post those this week too ;)

These Christmas items will be on sale on Etsy from tonight.

I hope you like them!
Warm Hugs!

Kerry xxxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Chocolate!

Here's some of the first Christmas mini's I've been wroking on, a range of 6 chocolate bar displays.
It just wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate!!
These are for sale on Ebay now.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Celebrations Cakes!

I've just been working on some macaron and Laduree inspired celebration cakes! I'm working through a Laduree commission for a customer (a very patient and lovely lady!) and I made a few extra items to sell too.
Here they are, I hope you like them :)) They will be on sale tonight on ebay.
I now desperately need to get some Christmas minis made! So next week I will be busying away, working on little festive treats just in time for Christmas to sell on Ebay and some on Etsy (I'll post some pics a.s.a.p).

My hubby Steve is still plugging away on his Christmas nightmare scene and it's looking more terrifying by the day!! Watch this space for pics soon!

Bye for now!
Kerry xx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Some pink,pink and more pink!

I hope you all had a good Halloween! I took my 7 year old son Jacob Trick or Treating for the first time ever, and it was very good fun, with lots of children out doing the same, so I think we've started a new yearly tradition!

I've been working commission orders but inbetween that and everything else, I've made a few pink minis to go with the Tea shop that is now on sale on Ebay. I decided to seperate the Tea shop and sell it all individually, there are quite a lot of items for sell so check it out on Ebay! :)
I'm itching to get started on some Christmas miniatures too! I've noticed that almost everyone has started their festive mini making earlier this year, which makes me think that I'd better get my skates on and summon those little Christmas elves to help me!!
As soon as I've made the first new Christmas and seasonal minis, I'll post the pics!

Kerry xxx
Ps: My hubby Steve, has caught the mini bug! He's started to make some Christmas miniature scenes and I will post some of those pics too when he's finished them. BUT I must warn you they're super scary!! and I saw them for the first time, they sent a chill down my spine!!!! They are like Nightmare before Christmas meets Nightmare on Elm Street! I kid you not! LOL!!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Halloween Minis have arrived!

I have some cute but spooky minis to show off!
I've had have fun making these, espeacially Frankenstein and his bride and their spooky castle cake!
And I'm quite fond of the little Russian doll teapot set that I've come to use as part a of my collections as they can be easily adapted to any holiday or season (so expect to see them in different guises in the future!)

They will be on sale on Esty and Ebay from tomorrow along with some more spooky little minis!
Big mini hugs ;)
Kerry xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Tea Shop is finally here!

I've been busying away trying to get the infamous Tea shop completed through colds and flu and I am happy to announce that it's finally finished! Yay!
I'm pleased with the way it's turned out although each time I thought it was coming to an end, I would look at it and think "Mmm, it needs something else?" The last piece that I added was the specials board. Then and only then could I finally put this project to rest!
It's very feminine and elegant (at least I hope that's how it comes across!) I can just imagine little old ladies visiting there for a Cream tea and a natter!
As hard as it is for me to part with my little tea shop, I am going to be selling it as a complete and whole set on Ebay and/or Etsy within the couple of days, so hopefully someone will like it enough to want to give it a good home.
I have more photos on my Flickr.
I hope you like it :)
Kerry xxx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Laduree Minis

Hi All!
It's been such a long time since I last posted!
I've been so busy with school runs, keepng the house going and constantly running around after my 8 month old little girl who has just discovered the art of crawling! So I apologise for neglecting to post anything at all and will promise not to leave it so long next time ;)
Anyway, in the wee small hours of many nights, I've been plugging away on a commission order for a dear and sweet customer of mine. The subject of my order was Laduree! There have been lots of Laduree miniatures made by wonderful miniature artists of late and I've sat and marvelled at how perfect these tiny macaroons and cakes were.
When I was asked to make them, I wondered if I could get them to even remotely resemble anything as gorgeous as these famous luxury cakes and pastries.
Well here they are, let me know what you think??

Kerry xxx
Ps: Halloween minis are on the way ;)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Scrumptious Cake Cabinet!

As I've been working away on some of my commissions lately, I had some little chocolate bars, cupcakes and other various mini goodies left over, so I made some sweet items and decorated this display cabinet that had been stored in my cupboard for ages and here's the result!
It's quaint, girly and floral and I hope you like it!
I'll be listing it on ebay today, user id: pinkez75

Kerry x