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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sweet cakes and Teapots!

Some of the latest pieces I've been working on. I thought I'd have a little go at making some tiny teapots which are my first, a handbag teapot, 2 cupcake teapots, one with legs! and a Russian doll teapot with four little sisters! ;)


  1. So, into teapots now too, these are fab Kerry! And I adore those russian dolls, did you paint them yourself they are incredible! Kate xx

  2. I thought I'd have a crack at making some tiny teapots! The russian dolls are a close replica of my own set of life size russian dolls. I had made the cupcake and handbag teapots and sat at my desk at about 1 am, thinking "What else can I make into a mini teapot?" then my gaze fell upon my red russian dolls sitting on the shelf, Eureka!!
    Oh and yes i did paint them myself and I was a little bit cross eye after that too!!!
    Kerry xxx