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Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Titanic pose!

It's sunday afternoon and I'm trying to plug away at some of my topper orders whilst also trying to get some house work done (The washing is slowly creeping up the wall and my kids are running out of clothes! What a terrible mother I am!!!)

Anyway here is my latest topper which was for an Irish couple who are taking a cruise for their honeymoon and wanted something a little different to sit on top of their suitcase/luggage themed wedding cake!

See you soon ;)

Ps: The tea shop is a little further along and I will post some pics of it's progress very soon.


  1. Hi Kerry!! It's so good to see you!!!!! I am going to go mark your Etsy store as my favorite!!! Remember all those pink goodies you made me?! Well, I am FINALLY working on that project!!! I'm so excited!!!


  2. Hi Marsha!
    It's lovely to see you on here and hope you're keeping well!! Thanks so much xxx I can't wait to see your new pink goody project too! I love to see all those gorgeous shabby chic items you find, I never seem to find anything like that, you've got a good eye for spotting a real treasure ;)

  3. Hello Kerry, I am so happy to find your new blog. I love your miniature chocolates. Hopefully after I am done with my college class I will be able to post pictures of the chocolate/candy shop that I made with all the wonderful counters you made for me.
    Hugs, Marisa Orellana

  4. Hi Kerry, great works you have hear! and welcome to blogging ;)

  5. Hi Marisa! and Minnie Kitchen!
    Thanks for your lovely warm welcome and I'm really enjoying blogging!

    Marisa, I'd love to see how your choccy shop looks! Good luck with your college course!
    Hugs Kerryxxxx

    I just want to thank Kate who's blog is The Whittakers Miniature's as she has been so sweet and kind for giving me and my blog a huge shout out. Bless you Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Found your wonderful blog from Kate's The Whittakers Miniature's. Love your work :-)

  7. Hi Kat!
    Thanks for dropping by! I love your mini hats I think they're gorgeous!

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